The growth of “Energy in Business” platform started procuring the core values of reliability, confidentiality, trust, responsibility and moreover the values of teamwork and collaboration,that the modern market needs actually demand.

These values keep inspiring us and guiding the existence of “Energy in Business” until today.

Our vision… That the new way of interactive business communications and commercial transactions, “Energy in Business” will express the today’ transactions’ dynamic, effectively and reliably.

Our values, from the beginning of our establishment until today, strengthen the result of our effort because:

  • We make the most out of building equal opportunities for the support of businessmen, forthe strengthening of companies and for the service of the needs of the consumercommunity.
  • We provide high quality technology services and know-how, based on moral behavior and integrity to the expectations of businessmen, companies and consumers, aiming to the achievement of the “new market”, the absolute expression of today’s transactions’ dynamic.
  • We develop long-lasting and reliable business relations, in the belief that “Energy in Business” represents the expression of the “new market”, the work tool of every company and businessman, the reliable partner of every consumer.
  • We create together the future of a market, adopting mentality and culture, constantly improving and absolutely interwoven with the values of reliability, integrity, responsibility and teamwork.
  • We give the opportunity to the consuming public, after its transaction with our members, to take part in evaluating them, achieving better quality conditions and constantly improving the ratio of “supply and demand”