Everyone here at Robusta Ratio, contributors, collaborators and partners, believe that the supply of high quality services through the platform “Energy in Business” is not only our goal and responsibility, but it also consists a basic precondition, for the creation of a new way of business communication and commercial transactions between professionals, companies and consumers and for the cover of their needs.

Everyone here at Robusta Ratio, uses technology as a work tool, as a basic condition to create a market with equal chances and healthy competition.

For our benefit! For your benefit!

For the successful application of the above, through an excellent combination of all the production factors that take part to the implementation of the services offered by “Energy in Business”, we develop 3 basic components:

  1. A documented managing system of information security
  2. Managing tools and technics that reassure the reliability and flexibility of the moves inside the platform and the smooth function of every service
  3. Teamwork, solidarityand collegiality

Our qualified staff, our tens of years of expertise and the principles of responsibility and reliability is what made Robusta Ratio one of the top companies in the field in Northern Greece and the “Energy in Business” platform to be the new way of business communication and commercial transactions between professionals and consumers, therefore creating a new culture and the preconditions for a “new market” with unquestioned conditions of evolution and development.

Supplying absolute quality at every electronic transaction through the “Energy in Business” platform is for us… a clear and irrevocable commitment.