“Energy in Business”, aspired to constitute the new way of interactive business communication and commercial transactions for businessmen, enterprises and consumers, gives you the opportunity to request offers for any project, any service, any product, choosing between a variety of subject categories the one that you are interested in, filling the data that describe the kind of your request, according to your specific needs and your criteria.

Every request can refer to:

  1. Research, supervision and construction of any kind of project
  2. Supply of materials/products/services to any kind of constructions (i.e buildings, industries, hotels, clinics, etc)
  3. Repeated supplies of technical services to businesses, on any project, service or material of building infrastructure or production
  4. Maintenance of constructions, energy systems, ships-airplanes, biological cleaning etc
  5. Commission of supply products and materials of any kind, of any business, of any subject (i.e private schools, hotels, clinics, public transport etc)

“Energy in Business” can be the field of real business action for every business unit and any professional such as:

  • Architects, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Technical-Construction companies etc
  • Commercial, Constructing, Industrial enterprises: Air Conditioning, Heating, Solar Systems, Natural Gas, Armature, Concrete, Excavation and Reconstruction, Fire Fighting, Kitchen manufacturing, Landscaping, Photovoltaics, Coatings, Elevators, Floors, Frames, Metal Constructions, Playgrounds, Road Constructions, Prefab Houses etc
  • Professional workshops: Hydraulics, electricians, Insulators, Dyers, Fences, Roofs, Floors etc
  • Professional consultants for the implementation of investing plans, for the shopping of industrial units equipment, for technical projects etc

Every user of the platform can be either “members” or “interested parties”, or both. The “interested party” requests offers from the “members” without any financial burden or obligation, while the “member” can see the request from the “interested party”, evaluate it and apply its offer.

This is how you can request offers:

After completing all the information requested you have two options:

  1. Save the so far completed steps of the request, in order to first check the details in terms of their comprehensiveness and accuracy and then proceed to announcing it to our members, in a completed form, at a time of your choice
  2. Announce your request directly to the members saving in all cases money, time and energy

You have actually nothing more to do, than wait for the offers you requested from the hundreds of members of the platform, in the subject categories you have chosen and the deadline that you have set when you made the request.

This way, you succeed in making the desired agreement without moving to places, without wasting time on market research, without hassling.

After reaching the final agreement and completing your transaction, you are given the possibility of not only informing us of the finalization of the deal, but also evaluating the professional who you worked with, contributing this way to the provision of even more reliable quality services!

In the case that you wish to renegotiate offers with the members of the platform that you already have chosen, “Energy in Business” provides you this exact option by just clicking once on “request for renegotiation”.

The above process is free of charge for you (the interested party), as you have relatively been characterized when entering the platform.

The entire procedure of “Request for Offers” falls under the general Provisions on negotiation of the Greek Civil Code.