Paradeigma Prosforon


The need:

Food industry desires to rebuild part of its production space

The solution:

Step no1. The industry’s consultant having the study of what exactly is to be built, instead of entering the complicated, time-wasting and costly process of the market research, of searching for cooperators and of evaluating offers, as a representative of the industry he simply signs up to the platform “Energy in Business” as an “Interested Party” (this sign up is free), so he can automatically and easily request offers and cooperators for his project.

Step no2. He fills the “General request” form with everything that is being ask from him and attaches all the files that describe the project (views, plans, technical specifications etc). The analysis is done to the active categories that concern the rebuilding project, for example electrical, floors, roofs, plumbing etc.

Step no3. After making sure that the project and its details are fully described he notifies it to the members with a simple click

Step no4. Automatically the members that are affiliated to the specific categories of the project analysis receive the request, as described by the consultant engineer of the industry, and after studying it they can send their offers.

The result:

The “Interested Party” receives easily and without wasting money and time all the members’ offers during the time period he set, letting him form a complete picture of the market and of the cost that will need to be spent for the specific project, while at the same time the industry itself has a complete knowledge of the above with every detail, having all the requested data to make important decisions.

This is how the “Request for Offer” service is completed through the “Energy in Business” platform, covering the market research of every customer without wasting time, without moving around and without middle costs