“Energy in Business”, stepping even further to creating conditions for reliable transactions and satisfying the needs of companies and consumers, gives the opportunity of starting the process of an auction.
Through an auction, “Energy in Business” offers reliable solutions and results on any project that contains:

  • Any kind of complexity
  • High financial width
  • High financial variance

Giving this way the opportunity of find and ensure the real picture of the market, at the specific time of the auction being held, succeeding in finding the best possible partners, based on our special criteria, the compression of the prices and therefore, the best option through an irreproachable and solid process.

“Energy in Business”, based on teamwork and reliability, assures in all kinds of cases, both on a technical and programming level and a commercial and business level:

  • The safety, assurance and confidentiality of every auction
  • The absolute check of prices
  • The immediacy and the speed of information(briefing, updating), aiming to absolute interaction during the process of the auction
  • The absolute orientation and the harmonization with the needs of the customers
  • The 24/7 operation of the auction, without time boundaries

After having used the service “Request for offers”, you can follow the steps below, so you can complete correctly the beginning of an auction, on your benefit:

  1. State your request to the platform and choose the financial category to which you are refer
  2. Choose the members you wish to participate (you can choose up to 20)
  3. You will be informed by the platform for the exact date and time of the auction, as well as its duration, after an interest of at least 5 members has taken place.
  4. You pay your financial participation. You can see the relative table HERE.
  5. Theauction as a result of the agreement for the completion of the transaction, falls under the General Provisions on negotiation of the Greek Civil code.
  6. During the auction, members place only financial offers since it’s assumed that technical matters have been clarified, without you knowing which member matches which, based on random participation number that was given by the platform at the beginning of the auction.
  7. During the auction, the strike, meaning thestep of the minimum placement of the member depends on the starting price of the auction and fluctuates banded. You can see the relative table HERE

A few words about the e- auctions

Advantages of e-auctions