Paradeigma Prosforon2


The need:

Professional electrician as “Member” of the “Energy in Business” platform has automatically gotten a notification from the platform about an offer request, under the “Electricals” category. He indexes the request, which concerns the electrical installation of an under construction project.

In order to be able to give a financial offer he needs to research the market for the materials and their prices that he is going to need.

The solution:

Step no1. The professional electrician now as “Interested Party” makes his own request, regarding the quantity, costs and technical specifications of the materials he is going to need for the project, notifying it to the “Members” of the platform, commercial/production enterprises of electrical material under the “Electricals” category.

Step no2. The members under that category automatically receive the request and place their offers.

Step no3. He evaluates their offers and he is now ready to make his own financial offer to his previous request.

The result:

The professional electrician as an “Interested party” receives fast and easily offers for the materials he needs, giving him a full image of the costs, making him able to give his own financial offer to the prime request.

The financial transactions between members and interested parties are facilitated, professionals and enterprises evolve and all together take part in the development of the market!